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Flyboard North Texas


​Flyboard North Texas is the priemiere location in Texas for Flyboarders to feel like Iron Man on a waterjet pack! We offer Flyboard Texas rentals and Flyboarding instruction in the Dallas Fort Worth surrounding Metroplex to area lakes such as Lake Grapevine, Lake Lewisville, Lake Ray Hubbard, Lake Texoma, Party Cove, and many others! Flyboard North Texas offers an experience like no other where jet water pack rentals include a training session with an experienced instructor, making your flight easy and fun!


The Flyboard


The Flyboard is a water propelled jet-pack which allows the rider to swim under the water like a dolphin and fly in the sky like iron man. Flyboarders are propelled into the air on a jetpack on water. Learning to operate it is far simpler than you may think. People often ask 'how difficult is it to learn to fly?' With the proper training almost all our customers are up flying within minutes, many get up their first try!

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